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Vltimas Epic


Album Review: VLTIMAS Epic

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David Vincent. Evil D. The man is larger than life and a legend in the world of death metal and extremity. Still currently active and touring with I Am Morbid (his version of Morbid Angel), Evil D has blessed us again with the fruits of one of his more recent ventures, Vltimas.

You might remember the debut record from Vltimas, just a few short years ago. Something Wicked Marches In was a more than appropriate name for a record that really broke new ground by perfectly bridging and blending death metal and black metal with a novel, updated sound. A project that also involves legendary black metal guitarist Rune Eriksen aka Blasphemer (Mayhem, Nader Sadek, Aura Noir) and Cryptopsy drummer Flo Mounier (who also played in Nader Sadek), Vltimas marches in again with Epic.

While the sonics of the band haven't changed all that much with this new record, the band does take on a more avant-garde approach to material and lyrics. Vincent gets a bit more creative and distinctive with vocals on this record, reticent of some of his work with Morbid Angel circa 2011 and the Illud Divinum Insanus record. This is especially apparent on tracks like "Mephisto Manifesto," which is far removed from any type of vocal one might find in either the black or death metal genres.

The pacing of Epic is a touch slower than their debut record. The speed of a cut like "Praevalidus," or "Total Destroy," for example, both scorchers on Something Wicked is not quite as prevalent on the sophomore effort. Though burners like "Scorcher" will satisfy those looking for a hefty dose of speed.

Songs like "Miserere" are a bit more in the trash realm than they are anything else, adding a bit of a new dimension to the band. It also features some layered vocals in the chorus which I really wasn't expecting but certainly do love. Vincent's makeup in the video though… not so sure about that. Seems a bit too WWE, but maybe that's what he was going for. Though I'll take this look over his Genitorturers' ensemble any day of the week. I will say, however, that Vincent's clarity and cadence are quite distinctive and novel here. This a welcome is a musical genre that isn't exactly known for clarity in annunciation.

Cuts like "Invictus" aren't bad and will satisfy, though it's the album's two final songs that truly leave the listener wanting more. "Nature's Fangs" has a bit groove to it, which I was not totally expecting. "Spoils of War," the record's closer, has some great riffs as Blasphemer actually slows things down a bit. It's much more about feel than speed or heft on this song and I'm glad we got to see the band change things up a bit.

Overall, a very solid sophomore effort for Vltimas. Looking forward to the what they do next, hopefully it will involve a tour here in the US.

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