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This Is The Cat Photo That Got DARKTHRONE's FENRIZ Elected To His Town Council

Plus, some news on his political stances.

Plus, some news on his political stances.

Yesterday, we posted a Fenriz interview excerpt where the Darkthrone mastermind revealed he had been elected as a backup representative in the town council of his local town of Kolbotn, Norway.

Fenriz revealed he was on a long list and his campaign poster was a photo of him and a cat with the slogan "Don't vote for me." The reverse pyshcology worked and yesterday, we asked if anybody had seen the photo. My friend Nick sent me this post from the Liberal Party of Norway, OppegÄrd Venstre, which features the cat photo in question. Here it is in full-res:

fenriz cat poster

Based on the rough translation of the post, Fenriz was for clean drinking water, good public service and advice for residents, and investing in education. He also wanted to expand the arts in schools. What a saint.

Fenriz, you sir, can't get any cooler.

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