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TED NUGENT Heckled At Political Rally To "Shut Up And Strum"

His response was to threaten to turn the heckler into bear bait.


Anytime we seem to post about musicians speaking of left-wing or liberal views, there is a certain cross-section of comments that always feel the need to say "stick to the music." It seems that certain cross-section doesn't have the same sentiments when a guy like Ted Nugent is talking politics.

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So one online comedy show, The Good Liars, decided to see what would happen when they give the Nuge a taste of this "stick to music" medicine.

At a rally for Trump in November, Nugent was ranting about how "They hate law and order. They have legalized lawlessness."

One of The Good Liars responds "shut up and strum." Trump supporters turn back looking shocked that somebody would dare besmirch a prolific speaker like Nugent.

Nugent responds from the stage "What's this guy want to tell me that law and order is a bad idea? Get that dirtbag outta here."

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The Good Liars host responds "He doesn't care about politics, he's just a Hollywood elite."

Nugent adds "Bring him to my deep camp, I can fix him. I could use some bear bait." You know, censorship via murder is usually great for laughs.

Watch the clip below:

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