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LAMB OF GOD's Mark Morton Slams Anti-Maskers, Believes It Says Nothing About Liberty

2019-06-23-Lamb of God-2

Lamb of God's Mark Morton has joined Dee Snider in calling out the anti-mask protestors in South Florida, who stormed a Target and marched without their masks on, encouraging other patrons of the store to take theirs off as well. Morton has had it with anti-maskers and wanted to make one thing clear.

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"When someone doesn't wear a mask indoors in public, it says NOTHING to me about them exercising their freedom or liberty." Morton tweeted this weekend. "What it says to me is that you give ZERO fucks about me having to consider whether I might asymptomatically pass Covid to my 78 yr old cancer surviving mother."

Morton was very thought-focused this weekend, as he also offered this gem. "Imagine how much more successful Lamb Of God would be if we rode with all that “‘Murica or else!” rah rah rah bullshit & put out albums called “Stand Your Ground” & “One In The Chamber” & shit like that."

Mark also got a little political tweeting "From a purely objective perspective….McConnell ramming a Justice through a Senate confirmation could be a political gold mine for the Dems. It may wind up being the late-in-the-game gust of wind they need to flip the Senate and/or the White House." He clarified that he knew that Dems control the House of Representatives, but felt the Senate has more power, thus in his mind, Republicans control that branch as well."

Morton had a busy weekend, as Lamb of God played their first show back since quaratine for a special livestream event. We posted photos from the event here. They'll be playing another show this Friday, where they perform Ashes of the Wake in full. The stream begins at 5 p.m. EDT/2 p.m, and a ticket is $15. The video will be available on demand for the entire weekend. Limited merch bundles are also available. Buy your tickets here.

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