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KID ROCK Injected Steroids Into His Neck & Back To Perform At Michigan Trump Rally Last Night

Kid Rock began "You should probably hit record on your phone right now, because goddamn fake media will say it didn't happen."

kid rock

This is just how much Kid Rock wants Donald Trump to win re-election for President later this year: he got two steroid shots in his body to be able to fly to perform at an indoor Michigan rally last night (Sept. 14th).

Rock posted on social media last night before the event explaining all he had to go through to get to the event:

"Myself and Don Jr have a rally tonight in Macomb County Michigan for his re-election.

"I have been dealing with neck issues for years (from performing like I do for the past 30 years) and spent the morning at the Dr's office getting 2 Steroid shots, one in my ass and the other in my neck, etc, etc.

"Would make sense to cancel my appearance, but NO WAY! I will be there and will give it everything I have this evening.

"That is how important getting POTUS re-elected is too me and I could care less about the continuous attacks from the left wing media, etc, that have been going on for over 4 years now. It's the reason I have turned down countless interviews and TV appearances as I refuse to be their click bait.

"I am currently filming a career documentary and will address EVERYTHING in it, on my own terms, to be released next year with new music and schedule one last monster tour (2021??) that will kick my critics in their ass and give all the love I have to the fans. (R U Scared?)


"#Trump2020 – Kid Rock

"PS – I said years ago that TIME OUTS AND LAST PLACE TROPHIES would come back to haunt us!"

The event also featured speeches by Donald Trump, Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle. Rock played four songs, mostly acoustically and offered a few words before his performance. Rock flew in from Nashville for the event.

The Detroit Free Press noted that the event happened on a stage on top of a barge, with a small collection of boaters on the water outside the boating club. The paper reports most in the large gathering were not wearing masks, only some being worn by older attendees.

Before performing, Kid Rock got on the mic and said "You should probably hit record on your phone right now, because goddamn fake media will say it didn't happen." The man's got jokes!

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