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JUDAS PRIEST Frontman Rob Halford Offers His Thoughts On Kim Davis

The Metal God is all class!

The Metal God is all class!

You remember Kim Davis right? She is the Rowan County clerk in Kentucky that outright refused to give a gay couple their marriage license because of Jesus doesn't approve of that type of thing. Y'know, despite that being super illegal and whatnot. She already pissed off one band, Survivor, by using their track "Eye of the Tiger" without permission and a few weeks ago, Amon Amarth's Johan Hegg posted a long essay literally telling her to go live in a cave.

Recently, another metalhead was asked about the controversial clerk and that metalhead was legendary Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford. Halford is of course openly gay, so I was very curious to see what he had to say and, as always, Halford was all class. Speaking with Canadian radio station C103, Halford said:

“First of all, you know, it’s been very interesting to watch all of that going on, ’cause I’ve been here in America while all that came about. And firstly, I just love freedom and democracy and freedom of speech and everybody being able to say what they feel. Having said that, when you are employed in a situation that comes with basic, accepted ground rules and you try to kind of manipulate them to your perception so that it interferes with your job and interferes with other people’s lives, then I take [exception to that].”

Halford continues, “But, look, again, from my perspective 64 years later, living this long, it’s simple, man: just give each other the respect and equality that everybody deserves on this planet, no matter where you’re from. So all this business about gay, straight, bi, black, white, Jew, Catholic… it’s all these ridiculous labels. We’re all people. We all need to just try and find a way to love each other and accept each other and try and make the world a better place. Amen.”

Could this man have offered a classier answer? Rob Halford is the metal god for a reason, the dude does not let anything phase him.

If you missed it a few months ago, check out the interview we did with Halford and other members of Priest a few years ago…

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