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INDECISION's Justin Brannan Called Out By Donald Trump Jr.; Brannon Claps Back

donald trump justin brannan

We've discussed former Indecision and Most Precious Blood guitarist Justin Brannan's natural transition from music to politics. Brannan is the current City Council rep for Brooklyn's 43rd District. Somehow, he got in the crosshairs of Donald Trump Jr..

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It all started with conservative agitator Andy Ngo posting a screenshot of an interaction with Urooj Rahman, a Brooklyn lawyer arrested for allegedly throwing a molotov cocktail at an NYPD vehicle during the ongoing protests. Ngo posted a screenshot of Brannan interacting with Rahman one time in 2017 randomly and somehow that is evidence that the two are in cahoots. Never one to not fan the flames, Donald Trump Jr. retweeted the post with fire siren emojis.

At this point, Brannan acknowledged the accusation saying "Never met her. She tweeted at me once before I took office. What she is alleged to have done is reprehensible. Wait… you get cell service in the bunker? P.S. – Your dad is a fascist."

In a followup tweet, Brannan wrote "110,00 people dead. Worst unemployment rate since the Great Depression. Country being torn in two. @DonaldJTrumpJr is busy trolling me?!"

It should be noted Brannan has been outspoken in his support of peaceful protest and has at no point advocated for any looting. Last year, Brannan was working on a bill to ban hidden ticket fees. Also, Indecision and Most Precious Blood bring the heat.

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Brannon also retweeted this reply:

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