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GUNS N ROSES Members Blast US President Donald Trump

guns n roses axl slash duff
Photo by Ralph PH

Guns N Roses are making their feelings very clear. While Axl Rose has been getting quite political lately, even getting into a Twitter spat with US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, the current level of unrest has resulted in his bandmates also speaking up.

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Rose took to Twitter and seemingly spoke to US President Trump directly, responding to a tweet where Trump once again went after “the Lamestream Media” for “foment[ing] hatred and anarchy.”

Rose responded: “Lamestream media ISN’T doing everything within their power 2 foment hatred n’ anarchy, that’s U! As long as we get what Ur doing, that Ur FAKE NEWS n’ a truly bad, repulsive excuse 4 a person w/a sick agenda, we can work past U w/whatever it takes 2 a better, stronger future!!”

Bassist Duff McKagan also spoke up on his Instagram page, writing, “Well..this cop on Black racism has to stop…but we’ve known this forever. I’m more and more stunned and sickened when I hear of this stuff continuously happening. I am not a black I can’t even pretend to understand what it’s like….but even MORE, I can’t understand what it’s like to be a racist white dipshit. I don’t get it. I will never ‘get’ it. Thankfully, I grew up different. Police training and vetting of new and old officers has to change radically. For starters…Peace to all of us. “#justiceforgeorgefloyd“

Slash, whose mother is black, shared a very simple message on his social media:

As MetalSucks points out, the views are in stark contrast to the band's 1988 song "One In A Million," a song that features racial and homophobic slurs. The band never actually offered a formal retraction to the song, but this seems like the right direction.

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