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Dave Mustaine Talking 2016 Presidental Race with Former MTV VJ Kennedy Is Surreal To Watch

Posted by on March 22, 2016 at 12:39 pm

Dave Mustaine has been pretty coy with his endorsement for President of the United States of America in the 2016 election. That's because the last time he endorsed somebody, it blew up in his face, and he took it back. Mustaine has only spoke in gross generalizations.

So, when former MTV VJ turned Fox Business Channel right wing reporter Kennedy had Mustaine on her show to talk politics, I grabbed my popcorn.gif and waited with baited breath for some controversy. Watching these two 90s MTV icons talking on a political channel 20 years later was surreal at best. It's a short interview, definitely worth watching, especially for cringey Metallica questions she asks:

Some highlights for those of you doing something responsible or with shitty connections unable to watch the video:

  • He has not followed Bernie Sanders' campaign and is not familiar with his policies.
  • He seemingly isn't crazy about any of the Republican candidates, saying he likes the blank where he can write in his own name
  • When asked if Hillary vs. Trump is the hardest election he's ever seen, he agreed.
  • He chastised people who say "if such-and-such politician wins, I'm leaving the country" and encourages them to get involved. Meanwhile, he said virtually the exact same thing during the last election cycle when Obama won.
  • The best part of the interview is Kennedy asking if he talks to the guys from Metallica and he responds "sometimes." Her follow-up is who he's closest with and Mustaine frankly responds "none of them."

So there it is. As a special treat, let's look back to that famous DNC clip that Mustaine constantly brings up in any political discussion:

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