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Dave Mustaine Says He "Toned It Down A Little Bit" With Political Lyrics On New MEGADETH

"Why put any unnecessary walls up between us right?"

"Why put any unnecessary walls up between us right?"

Megadeth is currently hashing out a new record, which means at some point Dave Mustaine has to come up with lyrics. Mustaine recently told The Metal Voice that he's toning the lyrics down a little bit from his usual boisterous political ones, and concentrating on "the stuff that affects us as people not so much as citizens of any particular government or nation."

"I think right now that the state of affairs in the world, it's so horrible — it's just so horrible. People are so mean to each other. There used to be a time in my nation where when people voted, they didn't tell anybody who they voted for, and now it's almost like a badge of honor. On the flipside of that, you're going around talking about somebody that you voted for and you're in the midst of people who don't like that person, and they're your friends, and they attack you because of a vote that you made? Then they're not really your friends.

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"America is a republic — it's not a democracy. It's run as a democracy, but a democracy… my understanding is just one leader; we have three branches of government," he continued. "And I don't wanna get into a history [lesson] or class of political science, but for me, I see that there's so many differences between my government… and even our wonderful neighbors, our Canadian neighbors — there's differences. So it makes us both unique and beautiful and wonderful to be individual.

"But if I'm singing a song and I'm saying, 'Oh, yeah, I've got this problem, and I've got this problem,' and you're sitting over in, say, Kathmandu [the capital city of Nepal], you're saying, 'You know what? I don't understand what it's like to have a car, so what do I care that you have car problems?' Some of the kids that we play to in India, my heart just goes out to them — I love them so much, because I see how much they sacrifice to come see us play."

Mustaine later added “I’ve kind of toned it down a little bit with the political stuff to where it’s more about being a one world kind of people, about the stuff that affects us as people not so much as citizens of any particular government or nation. Why put any unnecessary walls up between us right?”

All we know right now is that there are 46 seconds of some seriously heavy Megadeth floating around with new drummer Dirk Verbeuren (ex-Soilwork). When asked what the new record sounds like in that very same interview, Mustaine says it "sounds like a combination of everything." Which is promising.

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The conversation starts at the 10 minute mark in the video below:

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