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Open Metalcast Episode #83: Highly Cototient Prime Numbers

When looking up the number 83 on Wikipedia for the 83rd episode of Open Metalcast, I ran across some number facts. Apparently "83 is the sum of three consecutive primes (23 + 29 + 31) as well as the sum of five consecutive primes (11 + 13 + 17 + 19 + 23)." It's also a highly cototient number. What does that mean? Hell if I know, but I do know this episode has some highly charged metal to detonate inside your ear canals. We've got music from Beta Decay, The Rinn, Ceremony of Darkness, Lost Lands, Obsolete Theory, new Project: Roenwolfe, The Exiled, and Uboa to help with that tinnitus problem you may be having, plus some excellent Prog Rock from elevii to close out the show. (Just think of it as math core with flutes. ;) )

Please support the bands in this show! Buy a T-Shirt, head to the shows, or use them for the soundtrack of your cat-on-Roomba action videos. Whatever you can do to help these bands keep making music, please do it!

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