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Open Metalcast Episode #129: Traditional / Experimental

Posted by on May 10, 2016 at 4:24 pm

While the Open Metalcast interns scour the net for Creative Commons Metal Music (contrary to popular belief it's not just one person searching Bandcamp on the Monday Evening before the show drops. Nope, not that at all) we've noticed a lot of tags for the music we find. One tag that can be a mixed bag is "experimental", which can lead to some truly unique music, or can lead to something that sounds akin to, well, something else. Fortunately our crack team of interns (and not one guy on a Monday Evening) have steeled him, er, themselves against such sonic barrages to bring you the finest in Creative Commons Metal Music. Plus we have some straight up metal to punish your earholes. We have tracks from Maleceptor, Back to R'lyeh, VII ARC, Goatfather, La Agonía de Vivir, The Grajo side of the latest ATAVISMO & GRAJO split, Batchlight, and Cratylik Feat BassToss. We can't thank our interns enough for taking a few hits here and there for the team, and once we clean up the mess maybe we can have some more. Shownotes after the break.

Please support the bands in this show! Buy a T-Shirt, buy an album, head to the shows, or do whatever you need to do to make them happy people. Whatever you can do to help these bands keep making music, please do it!

Also check out the other great podcasts at Metal Injection, and be sure to listen to all of the great shows (including Open Metalcast) streaming 24/7 at Metalinjection.FM.

If you have any suggestions for Creative Commons licensed metal, send me a link at craig@openmetalcast.com.

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