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Open Metalcast Episode #82: Caught in a loop

One of the most dangerous places for me is inside of a record store. It's like throwing a hyperactive child into a candy store: before you know it my arms are filled with new and used CDs and I'm busy trying to figure out which will make the cut. This show is no different: I thought I wasn't going to have enough material to make the show, and suddenly I had more than enough. But my problem is your gain, as we have three upcoming tracks from various albums, starting with Cryogen's latest album (available for pre-order), a single from Napalm Strike, and Peculate's on-going album based on the works of Peter Kropotkin. We follow that with four great stoner / doom masterpieces from Discos Macarras' stable of excellent artists, starting with Santo Rostro, Hera, Oyabun, and finishing with Lowshake. Closing out the show is a warning about those cute demonical creatures that may be lurking in your house at this moment by Leka. It's a show you definitely won't want to miss, and might get you taking a trip (virtual or otherwise) over to the record store. Just make sure you save enough money for cat food. Shownotes after the break:

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