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Hand Ov Doom

HAND OV DOOM 9th Ritual – Horrific Rites ov the 13th Sabbath

In celebration ov the nightmarish perversion of nature that is Friday the 13th, Infernal Proclamators Ben Danger and Robben the Grave have concocted  a ghoulish mix of metallic menace hailing the gruesome and ghastly horror movies of the dark past! Here is this week's playlist:

Exorcist – Call for the Exorcist
Hooded Menace – The Eyeless Horde
Sororicide – Redrum 
Beyond Hell – Fall to Thy Knees in Fear
Sodomizer – Cenobites
Revolting – “Died of Fright”
Undergang – Når Børnene Dør
Rigor Mortis – Wizard of Gore
Black Uniforms – Fred K
Electric Wizard – Dunwich
Evil Army – Friday the 13th
Possessed  – The Exorcist
Stormtroopers of Death – Freddy Krueger
Cathedral – Night of the Seagulls
Anthrax – Among the Living
Acid Witch – Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre Meltdown
Blüdwülf – Children Shouldn’t Play With Death Things
Cianide – The Wrath of Daimajin
Death – Evil Dead
Death Breath – Flabby Little Things From Beyond
Evildead – The Awakening
Municipal Waste – The Thing

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