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Hand Ov Doom

Hand ov Doom 15th Ritual – High-Pitch Metal Screams

Hand ov Doom returns from the darkest reaches ov space and time with a collection of metal screams sure to blow your brain to shit! Joining us in our exploration of scrotum-squeezing metal wails is lead voice-raper of Nachzehrer and black metal terrorist, Hräsvelg. Here's this week's playlist:

Judas Priest – Dissident Aggressor
Deathhammer – Toxic Radiation
King Diamond – Welcome Home
Municipal Waste – The Thrashin’ of the Christ
Znöwhite – Bringin’ the Hammer Down
Villains – Manic Gutter
Syphilitic Vaginas – Black Sorcery
Darkthrone – Canadian Metal
Carpathian Forest – Submit to Satan!!!
The Great Kat – Torture Techniques
Reverend Bizarre – Blood on Satan’s Claw
Enforcer – Speed Queen
Bestial Desecration – Speed Metal Attack
Sarcófago – Crush, Kill, Destroy
Goat Semen – Oracle of the Sands
Elders of the Apocalypse – Warriors of Holocaust
Vomitor – Devil’s Poison
Bunker 66 – Metal Redentor
Deiphago – Satanic Metal
Dissection – Black Horizons
Desaster – Metalized Blood

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