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Hand Ov Doom

HAND OV DOOM 17th Ritual: The Sodomy Episode

You heard us right Doominions! We've prepared our radio studio to become a den of debauchery for our extremely special Sodomy Episode! We all know that metal and sodomy go together like peas in an anal pod so for this episode Infernal Proclamators Robben the Grave and Ben Danger explore the dark, dank recesses of the relationship between the two. Joining them for the adventure is Alex, skinsman of Boston-based ear rapers Scaphism and pot-smoking death-fueled war-sluts Forced Asphyxiation. So set this week's playlist to vibrate and shove it deep and hard into your ear's asshole!

Exhorder – Anal Lust
Sodom – Sodomy and Lust
Autopsy – I Sodomize Your Corpse
Scaphism – Chainsawdomy
Vomitor –  Beast of Sodom
Nifelheim – Sodomizer
Barbatos – Sodomy at the Graves
Anti-Cimex – Raped Ass
Deströyer 666 – Taste the Poison
Assück – Anal Mistress
Driller Killer – Up Your Arse
Desaster – Queens of Sodomy
Sodomizer – Sexual Beast
Archgoat – Angel of Sodomy
Ruins – Sodomy in Hell
Ride for Revenge – Holy Sister Sodomy
Begrime Exemious – Filthy Sodomite of Christ
Impiety – Magick Consecration Goatsodomy
Faustcoven – Orgy in Sodom
Necromass – Sodomatic Orgy of Hate
Truppensturm – Sodomy
Power from Hell – Gaping Angels by the Power from Hell
Naked Whipper –Anal Queen
The Mentors – Woman from Sodom

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