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Hand Ov Doom

Hand ov Doom 13th Ritual – Maryland Deathfest: The Bloodbath in Baltimore

Hand ov Doom is drinkin' beers and eating crabs in the pungent low-tide depths ov Baltimore Harbor! We're here to celebrate America's Biggest Metal Party, Maryland Deathfest! This week's playlist brings you our must anticipated bands of the weekend! If you're not already here, check out what you'll be missing.

Archgoat – Angel of Sodomy
Morgoth – Dictated Deliverance
Hellbastard – Civilized?
Horna – Uhrivalkea
Infernal Stronghold – Snorting the Ruins of Sodom
Demigod – Transmigration Beyond Eternities
Tsjuder – Helvete
Pentagram – Demoniac Possession
Disma – The Manifestation
Sargeist – Panzergod
Winter – Goden
Absu – Ontologically, It Became Time & Space
Eyehategod – The Concussion Machine Process
Autopsy – Broken People
Artillery –  Show your Hate
Napalm Death – Leper Colony
Morbid Angel – Lord of All Fevers & Plagues
Morbid Saint – Beyond the Gates of Hell
Church of Misery – Born to Raise Hell (Richard Speck)
Saint Vitus – Let them Fall
Electric Wizard – Legalize Drugs & Murder

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