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Hand Ov Doom

Hand Ov Doom #3 – Newclear Ünderground Assault

Ben Danger and Robben the Grave are back, this time with ALL UNDERGROUND MUSIC, the finest Death, Doom, Black, Thrash, and Traditional metal from around the world shall be hailed in the truest form! Each week a new theme is summoned from the void to entertain your puny souls! Tune in live on Friday 4-6pm EST at or tune in dead only on Metal Injection! Here is this week's playlist:

Hot Graves – I Claim Your Blood (In the Night)
Children of Doom – Technophobia
Corpsessed – Nameless Cult
Whipstriker – Loudman
Dethroned Emperor – Miserable Suffering
War Master – Into the Abysmal Fire
Speedtrap – Heat of the Battle
Pallbearer – Devoid of Redemption
Vindicator – Undead in Leather
Undead Creep – Undead Creep
Miasmal – Death Mask
Dopethrone – Aint No Sunshine (Bill Withers Cover)
Venenum – Crown of Reversion
Okkultokrati – On Mouth of Hells
Doomslaughter – Funeral Rites
Satan’s Satyrs – Lycancycler Cult
Nachzerer – Atavist
Cruciamentum – Thrones Turned to Dust
Pyre – Goddess of Disaster
Bunker 66 – Blasphemous Ignorance
Ritual Necromancy – Desecrated Omnipresence
Weregoat – Nocturnal Hunt
One Tail, One Head – In the Golden Light

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