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Hand Ov Doom

HAND OV DOOM #2 – Bark at the Doom: A Wolfing Metal Howlgasm

Metal Injection presents: The Hand ov Doom, two hours of militant metal ritual radio and filth! Infernal Proclamators Ben Danger and Robben the Grave bring you the best of the modern underground and true oldschool classics! Death, Doom, Black, Thrash, and Traditional metal from around the world shall be hailed in the truest form! Each week a new theme is summoned from the void to entertain your puny souls! Tune in live on Friday 4-6pm EST at or tune in dead only on Metal Injection! Here is this week's playlist:

Deströyer 666 – Lone Wolf Winter
Wolf Pack – Lycanthro Punk
Beherit – Werewolf
Old Wainds – Wolves in White
Syphilitic Vaginas – The Lycan Horror
Satanic Warmaster – A Wolf Cries in Anger
Diocletian – Werewolf Directive
Behemoth – Wolves Guard My Coffin
Enochian Crescent – A Wolf Among Sheep
Ulver – Hymne II – Wolf and the Devil
Ozzy Osbourne – Bark at the Moon
Gehennah – I am the Wolf
Motörhead – The Wolf
Winterwolf – Lycanthropic Aeons
Pentagram – Sign of the Wolf
Death Breath – Lycanthropy (G.B.H. Cover)
The Misfits – Wolf’s Blood
Toxic Holocaust – Wild Dogs
Warfare – Hungry Dogs
Children of Technology – Nuclear Armed Dogs
Dishammer – Werewolves on Wheels
G.A.T.E.S. – Dogs of Lust
Disfear – Misanthropic Generation

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