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Hand Ov Doom

HAND OV DOOM - 12th Ritual: Demo Worship

Posted by on May 17, 2012 at 5:32 pm

This week's episode of The Hand ov Doom is filled with the rank stench of decay as Infernal Proclamators Robben the Grave and Ben Danger journey deep into the vault to unearth some of metal's most obscure offerings. Fall to your knees and worship at the Altar of the Demo with songs by bands you love and some you've never even heard of! Featuring:

Iron Maiden – Invasion
Venom – Raise the Dead
Mercyful Fate – Death Kiss
Exodus – Whipping Queen
Possessed – Death Metal
Hellhammer – Hammerhead
Mantas (Pre-Death) – Beyond the Unholy Grave
Tormentor (Pre-Kreator) – Bonebreaker
Carnivore – World Wars III and IV
Nihilist (Pre-Entombed) – Sentenced to Death
Convulse – Godless Truth
Vastum – Carnal Law
Coroner – The Invincible
Rudo – Endless Stench
Adversary – Beyond All Blessings
Voivod – Condemned to the Gallows
Anhedonist – Despond
Timeghoul – Boiling in the Hourglass
Baxaxaxa – Nocturnal Mass and Christ’s Damnation
Mental Decay – Endless Destruction
Strongblood – Bundles of the Liars

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