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20 Coolest Guitars I Saw At The NAMM Show 2015

So pretty. So expensive.

So pretty. So expensive.

The NAMM show is basically like a massive Guitar Center come to life. Everywhere you turn, somebody is "testing" an item by playing an insufferable riff on it. NAMM is also about companies revealing all their new gear. In what's become an annual tradition, I like to go around the convention and take snaps of the sexiest looking guitars on the show floor. Please note, this is a completely superficial gallery. This is not about how well the instruments play, this is about sheer sexiness in presentation.

For more in-depth coverage of the NAMM show, check out our sister site Gear Gods.

Paul Stanley Shattered Mirror Guitar From Ibanez:

A rep told us Ibanez had to spend a lot of time perfecting how to shatter the mirror just right. I'm a sucker for reflective guitars.

Paul Stanley Broken Mirror guitar

Ernie Ball Petrucci Guitars

The unique shape and stunning finishes is what got me on these.

Petrucci Ernie Ball Guitars


ESP Art Series Guitars

ESP had an entire wall of unique guitars selling for as high as $75,000. If you're spending $75k on a guitar, chances are you are just going to hang it on a wall as opposed to take it on the road with you. Here are the custom designs that really stuck out to me, specifically, the blue fire one…

ESP Fire guitar

ESP Custom Guitar

ESP Art Guitar

Snake Guitar

Ibanez Joe Satriani One of A Kind Designs

In celebration of Satriani's 25th anniversary with the company, he created 25 one-of-akind designs for his signature guitar. They look really good. A video explaining the process can be seen here. Also included below, is the muscle car orange version of the guitar. I cannot express how beautiful this guitar looked. The orange was so vivid I wanted to bite into it. My photo does not do it justice.

Ibanez Satch Guitars

Ibanez Satch Orange guitar

Origami Shaped Guitar

One of the most unique looking guitars I saw was of course in the basement, Hall E. This origami guitar not only had a unique shape, but each of those colored areas had a unique contour creating a beautiful shape.

Origami Shaped Guitar

Paul Masvidal modeling a Stranberg

I cannot tell which is dreamier… this Stranberg or the shredder modeling it.

Paul Masvidal Modeling his Stranberg


Vigier Double Neck Guitar

There are many double necks at NAMM, but this one had to be the sexiest. That unique shape. The matte finish. Black on black on black. BRB,  gotta clean my underwear.

Vigier Double Neck Guitar

Finally, this guy…

I don't even know, man.

Too many strings

My favorite photo from NAMM…


The coolest thing I saw at NAMM.

A Japanese woman was rocking this theremin inside a matroshka (Russian nesting doll). She was nice enough to perform an erie version of "When You Wish Upon A Star" for me…

A video posted by Robert Pasbani (@robinjection) on

That's it for me. For more serious, in-dept coverage, check out our sister site Gear Gods.

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