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Fuck Yes!

The Linda Lindas prove the kids are, in fact, alright. This all-girl punk rock group is going viral today thanks to a new video...

Around the Interwebs

Finding the musicians and creative collaborators you’re seeking for your band is endlessly frustrating and difficult. Whether you’ve been left on “read” by a...

Metal Merch

You might occasionally see a double-neck guitar, and a triple neck guitar, and sure we've seen those quadruple neck guitars in the movies and...

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Gear Gods

Yngwie, Vai, Smith… Mrs. Smith – your new favorite drag performer shredder. She refers to herself as "the first lady of shred" and we're...

Music Videos

JusticemakerMusic has gotten to evolution of the riff, in a pretty basic way, down to a science. Watch as he walks you through a...

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