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Photo Gallery: The Coolest Guitars I Saw at The NAMM Show (and The Worst)

Check out some of the cool guitars.

Check out some of the cool guitars.

NAMM is over. You may have seen Frank's video report posted yesterday, or the copious amount of coverage posted at our sister-site Gear Gods, but I thought I'd walk you through some of the coolest things I saw at the NAMM show.

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Peavey had a bunch of cool licensed guitars from Marvel, Star Wars and, my favorite, their Walking Dead guitars you see above.

I never thought I could take a selfie at a NAMM show, but I did just that:

Glass Guitar Selfie

Fender was celebrating 60 years of their iconic Stratocaster design, and had the original models on hand:

The Original Strat

Prince is not metal, although appreciated by many metalheads, and his guitar, from Schecter, is still a thing of beauty:

Prince guitar

Satchel from Steel Panther also has an awesome-looking guitar, as modeled by the great Vince Neilstein:
Satchel Guitar

One of the most opulent designs, a machine gun guitar:
Machine Gun Guitars

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This guitar from Charvelle may have been the prettiest one I saw at NAMM:

Sweet Charvelle Guitar

The dude from Ratt really knows how to design a sweet guitar:

Snake Skit Guitar

The worst and most pointless guitars had to be these Playboy guitars. Who would buy these??
Worst Guitars - Playboy Guitars

Finally, the coolest thing I saw at NAMM was this casette deck table aka the Tayble:

tape deck coffee table

Outside the convention, there were some nice religious folks reminding us of our sins:

Religion at NAMM

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Even further out, at the Grove, I caught up with some guitar dorks for a photo sesh:

Partying at NAMM

NAMM was a fun time. Catch up with more cover over at our sister site, Gear Gods.

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