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Fan Gets Throat Slit By Box Cutter At BROKEN HOPE Show

In a case of life imitating art, a day after Broken Hope released a pretty gruesome new music video, a fan in attendance at their show in El Paso was injured severely after having his throat slashed by a box-cutter.

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The band posted the following on their Facebook page about the incident last night:

Post by Broken Hope.BROKEN HOPE just learned a fan got their throat cut with a box cutter during BROKEN HOPE's set tonight in El Paso. Cops and paramedics are all over the place. Please send warm wishes to this fan.

No further information is available currently, but obviously this is really shitty news. I can't in my right mind imagine a scenario where this was an "accident." This is a dispicable act and I hope whomever was responsible was caught and tried for the heinous act that he committed. In spite of the vague reference in the beginning of the post, I don't think the band is responsible based on creating gruesome imagery. People should be able to separate entertainment from reality.

Our thoughts are with the victim.

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