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Dave Grohl Chugs A Beer, Trips and Falls Off Stage (But At Least He Didn't Break His Leg This Time)

Thank Satan Grohl is okay!

Thank Satan Grohl is okay!

Dave Grohl, the coolest motherfucker in music almost had a mis-step. You might remember how in 2015, Grohl broke his leg mid-show (and kept going) during a show in Sweden. Sadly, that resulted in a cast on his leg and a difficult time for Grohl in the months that followed. At Foo Fighters' first show of 2019, it happened again – Grohl fell, but thankfully this time he didn't bust his ankle.

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Foo Fighters were performing at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, and Grohl took the time to hop off stage and request a beer from the bartender. After placing the beer on an amp, he tried to somehow drink the beer without using his hands, leading to some spillage. Giving up on the attempt, he rushes up on stage only to trip and lose his footing. His fall is not graceful, but it does look like he landed a bit on security, who pick him right back up.

Thankfully, Grohl was back up and at them in no time and finished the show. Maybe Grohl should stick to just topping fans' beers off from stage, as opposed to getting off. Then again, he was likely loaded already based on his pre-show drinking ritual.

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Grohl is Mr. Cool as far as we're concerned. Whether he's feeding the California wildfire fire fighters some barbecue or  he's taken on the Westboro Baptist Church, leaving amazing 100% tips at bars, or getting in mosh pits for Metallica, Grohl always keeps it real.

[via Uproxx]

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