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BLACK TONGUE Vocalist Fell From Moving Tour Bus After Mistaking Exit For A Bathroom

Don't forget to wipe!

Don't forget to wipe!

Every once in a while you come across a story that's so ridiculous, you almost don't believe its true. This is one such story.

England's Black Tongue are currently on the road in Europe. After a long night, presumably featuring some drinking,  vocalist Alex Teyen, 23, decided he needed to hit the bathroom. Unfortunately, he mistook the bus exit door for the bathroom door. According to the Telegraph:

“The victim told his colleagues he was going to the toilet,” said Officer Piotr Kaciak, a local police spokesman. “The toilet turned out to be engaged so he opened the bus’s door instead and stepped out while the coach was still moving.”

When they realised what had happened other passengers alerted the driver who stopped the coach. Band members found their colleague on the motorway and administered first aid, while a passing motorist, who spoke “broken English,” stopped and called the emergency services.

“Judging by the manner of the victim’s behaviour, speech and smell we suspect he was under the influence of alcohol,” added Mr Kaciak.

The article goes on to say that despite some bumps and bruises, Teyen will be alright. His father traveled to Poland to pick him up and bring him back home to England. Good to hear that Teyen is okay, but seriously, how wrecked do you have to be to mistake an exit for the bathroom?

On the plus side, this is the most publicity Black Tongue have ever received.

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