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Here's A Guitar Pedal That Makes Everything You Play Into Farts

Prepare for some seriously flatulent fuzz.

Fart Pedal

Whether you want your music to sound like shit, or you're just looking for a fuzz pedal that's so fuzzy it's basically noise, The Fart Pedal is for you! Pedal maker Steve Gadlin is currently asking for $30,000 on Kickstarter to create the first 250 pedals and has received upward of $47,000. You can donate here.

Even better, The Fart Pedal comes with "fake out" decals so you can lie to your friends and make 'em use it. The Kickstarter edition of The Fart Pedal comes sealed in a 28oz. aluminum can with an illustration by artist Noah Ginex, and a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity.

So what does The Fart Pedal sound like? Literally farts. Watch Gadlin fart his way through some classics below, which… sound like farts.

We watched a demo of it on this week's RIP a Livecast.
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