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Heavy Metal Spin Class: Now A Thing

As in cycling.

As in cycling.

Where else but in Brooklyn would such a thing happen?

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For the longest time, I thought a spin class had to do with knitting or sewing or that scene from the movie Ghost. But no, it's a coordinated biking class. As somebody who's been constantly going to the gym (it's literally the only exercise this metal blogger gets all day), a solid metal playlist is vital to a smooth gym sesh. So this metal spin class makes all the sense in the world.

Noisey posted a profile on Williamsburg, Brooklyn's SYNCStudio, and it's instructor Halston Bruce. The class is called Full Metal Cycling and their motto is “Sweat for your dark lord.” The class is in a dimly lit basement and promises tunes from bands like Iron Maiden, Bolt Thrower and Death. Check out this killer playlist for the class that the Noisey writer attended:

Led Zeppelin – "Rock and Roll"
Black Sabbath – "Paranoid"
Judas Priest – "Breaking the Law"
Iron Maiden – "Run to the Hills"
Metalica – "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
Slayer – "South of Heaven"
Manowar – "Kings of Metal"
Bolt Thrower – "Cenotaph"
Carcass – "Black Star"
Neurosis – "Belief"
Dimmu Borgir – "Puritania"
Death – "Voice of the Soul"
Blind Guardian – "In a Gadda da Vida"
Eyes Like Cyanide – "Hate"

Not too shabby, I'm going to try to incorporate this playlist into my own workouts.

What are some perfect workout tunes you sweat to?

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[via Metal Insider]

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