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Metal Science

Can Playing Metal In Your Car Ruin Your Love Life?

But hey, it doesn't go poorly for everyone!


There are few experiences more satisfying for the average metalhead than blasting their favorite album as loud as possible. However, according to a new survey by Circuit it seems that doing so while your other half is in the passenger seat might impact your relationship, and not in a positive way.

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The company surveyed 1,555 people on their car and driving opinions, and collected data that sheds light on how your driving skills and habits can impact your romantic life. The survey pool consisted of 49% women, 49% men, and 2% that identified as nonbinary. The results were very interesting, to say the least.

Driving under the influence amounted to the biggest driving turnoff with 74%, closely followed by road rage at 73%, tied to texting while driving at the same number. Using social media while driving and tailgating also ranked pretty high on the list of grievances at 69 and 60% respectively. And 36% of those surveyed agreed that loud cars are a turnoff.

The survey went a little deeper about the impact of loud music and its genres, and it seems that 19% (which is very close to 1 for every 5 respondents) think that playing metal while your date is with you in the car can be a total deal-breaker. Funnily enough, and despite what you might initially think, the worst offender in this category was gospel music, with country and hip-hop also considered more unpleasant car music choices than our beloved metal.

If you consider that according to this study, 41% of people fought with their romantic partners over driving habits while 7% ended a relationship due to bad driving – even when loud music is only the 8th most common reason mentioned – it’s safe to say that unless your significant other wears leather and corpse paint, you should consider playing something more melodic like Journey instead of cranking up the latest Cannibal Corpse single.

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