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BRING ME THE HORIZON Balcony Diver Shows Little Remorse After Arrest

Fun fact: the dude is an idiot.

Fun fact: the dude is an idiot.

We were shocked about the story of the fan who dove off a balcony at the Ogden Theater during a Bring Me The Horizon and Of Mice and Men last week. The stunt caused head and neck trauma to two victims and minor injuries to a third. Excellent!

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The sleuths at Lambgoat got a hold of the guy, Alex McCormick, who couldn't come off any more like a douche if he tried.

"Not that being in jail is cool or anything but it's definitely hilarious, to me, to see how people twist things. It's a hardcore/punk culture atmosphere. If you didn't come to the show to get wild and have a good time then why would you even show up? Stay home, nigga. People are moshing; punching each other in the face, kicking each other. People crowd surfing on people i.e. Far more wreckless behavior than my incident; 'I jump. You catch me'. Lol, can't believe I spent a week in jail for this bogusness considering the 'victims' were released from the hospital with no injuries according to a DT. Pff wha ever dude. I gotta mic handed to me and got to help close out a set to one of my favorite bands (letlive). I got to jump off a 20ft balcony and be caught by numerous, eager, fellow funtime havers. I don't regret it. I'll remember that day for as long as I live. Welcome to genuine hardcore and punk culture, Colorado! #508"

You know man, I just love going to shows and thinking "today might be the day some dipshit lands on my head and fucks my back up." That's exactly what I'm thinking when I go to a show. I don't go to listen to the music or anything, I go for the culture of people acting like immature jackasses putting themselves and others in harm's way. You nailed it, McCormick. Someone induct this man into Mensa, for he has far superior intellect to us all.

What he did was not "genuine hardcore and punk culture." It's stupid as hell. This statement is something I'd expect a high school sophomore to say after punching a kid in the shoulder at an Avenged Sevenfold concert thinking he's the hardcore-est of them all.

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