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AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK Announces New Album, New Tour and Breakup!

The blood continues to flow, apparently.

The blood continues to flow, apparently.

As Blood Runs Black has been having a really interesting 2014. The band successfully crowfunded a new album last year, but have yet to release it. Oh, and the band got robbed of most of their worldly possessions. The robbery caused the band to suggest they were done bu not until they release their funded record, Ground Zero. This led most people to assume the band would posthumously release the record and that would be that, despite their 2013 IndieGoGo page promising tour perks.

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Well, the band isn't done quite yet. They took to Facebook to post this video that was  going to address the breakup rumors, but ended up being a new song.

Clever with the thumbnail for the video! The band also told those who donated to the campaign there would be a tour (courtesy of Lambgoat).

"There have been alot of questions recently regarding the future of the band and the release of Ground Zero. We wanted to reach out and let you know that Ground Zero will be coming out in the fall and you will be receiving your Indiegogo contributor perks before the public release of the album. We are putting together a worldwide tour schedule through next summer to support the album starting this fall in North America. Let us know where you want to see us play and we'll do our best to make it happen.

"More detailed information is coming soon. Thank you for bearing with us through this challenging time, your support is what keeps us going."

So the bottom line here is nobody knows what the hell As Blood Runs Black are actually doing in terms of an endgame. Is their their farewell-type tour and is being put together in order to satisfy their commitments to fans for their donations, or is this As Blood Runs Black carrying on as if they were never talking about breaking up in the first place? I guess we'll see.

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