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ZAKK WYLDE Explains How & Why He Was Asked To Rejoin OZZY OSBOURNE's Band

It has to do with washing dishes?

It has to do with washing dishes?

A few weeks ago, Ozzy Osbourne announced he was reuniting with longtime guitarist Zakk Wylde for a new tour with plans for a new solo album in 2018.

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At the time, we wondered how did this happen? What happened to Ozzy's previous guitarist Gus G.? Well, Zakk helped answer those questions in a recent interview with 98.9 The Rock. When asked how the invite went down, Zakk responded a bit tongue-in-cheek:

"Oz called up. He said at this juncture Gus couldn't do it. And he said, 'Who else could get the dishes as clean and the linens as fluffy as they were back in the day?' So that's the reason why… It really has nothing to do with the guitar playing. It's just 'cause Gus couldn't do it. So they're, like, 'Well, we'll let him play guitar while he's here anyway doing dishes and linens.'"

Obviously, Zakk isn't washing any dishes, but it's interesting that Gus said he was tied up. Gus G. released a statement last month about the switch and had nothing but high praise for both Ozzy and Zakk saying "It's been an honor & a privilege playing by your side since 2009. Nothing but great times & an experience of a lifetime. To Ozzy & Sharon – thanks for everything, love ya!" Gus added that Ozzy and Zakk's reunion has "been long overdue."

Ozzy's first gig with Zak will be On July 14th at Rock USA in Oshkosh, WI, followed by a big gig at Chicago Open Air on Sunday, July 16th. Ozzy's current dates can be found here.

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