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What Does SLEEP Sound Like Played 50% Faster?

Spoiler: Still awesome

Spoiler: Still awesome

Stoner-doom metal legends Sleep, who may or may not be putting out new album (and already released a new track) are known for their slow-tempo grove-laden jams. Sleep is all about riff worship, finding a riff and then jamming it and jamming it until it's time to go home.

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But one intrepid internet user decided to see what Sleep would sound like if they played just a bit faster, well, 50% faster to be precise. Youtube user carace777 uploaded a new version of their classic track "Dragonaut" that he sped up 50% and then corrected the pitch:

It still captures the raw essence of Sleep. Just in case you have been living under a rock, or just really stoned, here's the original:

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