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VENDED On Touring With Their Dads In SLIPKNOT: "If You Were In Our Position, You Would Take The Tour. So Shut The F*ck Up."

They'e also very confident in their own work ethic.


It's no secret that two of Vended's members, Griffin Taylor and Simon Crahan, are the sons of Slipknot vocalist Corey Taylor and percussionist Shawn Crahan. And in an interview with Kerrang!, Simon Crahan totally acknowledges that Vended has enjoyed a boost in popularity thanks to their family. Though he notes that Vended is still very much responsible for their own music and getting good at what they do.

"Yeah, we got more help than other bands do and I'm honest about that," he said. "I'm not going to say we didn't because that's not fair to who our fathers are. They've helped us, but they have never, ever, ever, written our music, never showed us how to play, never showed us how to perform onstage, they've never done any of that. When people say, 'Oh, Griffin's dad's probably showing him how to scream how he does,' Griff is learning on his fucking own."

Griffin added on the topic that "we didn't get our parents' musical talent. We found that on our own." Which is fair – getting a boost from family is one thing, but if you suck at what you do then you just suck at what you do. And Vended certainly does not suck.

Vended recently hit the road with Slipknot in Europe, which of course had some people crying "unfair!" And to those folks, Griffin has a simple message – you'd do it too, so stop cryin'. "It's good for us to be around the people who really showed us what music was really about. Yeah, people are pissed off, but if you were in our position, you would take the tour, so shut the fuck up."

Vended recently released their new single "Ded To Me." Blast it below and try not to hurt yourself headbanging. You can also catch Vended at one of the dates below.

8/13 Kortrijk, BEL – Alcatraz Festival
8/14 Derbyshire, UK – Bloodstock
8/15 London, UK – The Black Heart
8/17 Bournemouth, UK – The Anvil
8/19 Dinkelsbuhl, GER – Summer Breeze Festival
8/20 Eindhoven, NET – Dynamo Metalfest
8/21 Saint-Nolff, FRA – Motocultor Festival

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