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Tony Iommi Says He Has Riffs-A-Plenty For Potential SABBATH Reunion

Ok, this may be the last thing I post about the potential Black Sabbath reunion for a while. Why? Because this cocktease is just getting to be a bit much. I want to see Sabbath but I'm tired of the run-around. Just book it already!

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Anyway, in doing press for his autobiography, Iron Man: My Journey Through Heaven And Hell With Black Sabbath, you just knew people were going to be asking him about Black Sabbath and potential reuinions. I am not going to re-post anything we've discussed in the past but one interesting answer came when Iommi was asking if the band should reunite, does he have any material written. Iommi said that is not an issue:

"I'm writing all the time," he told VH1 Radio Network. "I've got a lot of stuff. I've got a studio at home. I just go in and play for a bit, put something down. My engineer is good; he'll program up drums and whatever else. So I've got plenty of ideas for whatever thing I want to use them as, but usually I end up writing for that particular thing. I might have an idea for whoever it might be, whatever lineup or whatever I'm going to do, I might start off with that, but that thing might not end up like that. I'll change the riff as we go along, depending on the vocal."

Oh God, just say you're reuniting already. This is killing me! [via Blabbermouth]

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