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Tim Lambesis Trial

Leaked Court Transcripts of TIM LAMBESIS Trial Read Like An Episode of LAW & ORDER [UPDATED]

“[Lambesis] began by asking me if I knew why I was there. I made the comment that I was hoping it wasn’t to kill anybody. He said that that was funny and that was exactly why I was there.”

“[Lambesis] began by asking me if I knew why I was there. I made the comment that I was hoping it wasn’t to kill anybody. He said that that was funny and that was exactly why I was there.”

We've been following the Tim Lambesis trial since Lambesis was arrested last May. This was unlike any other story we've ever covered here at Metal Injection, and as more details get revealed, it's almost as if I'm reading a script for an episode of NBC's Law & Order.

Lambesis is due in San Diego’s North County Superior Courthouse today (UPDATE: We have details of the court hearing at the end of this post), and coincidentally, just got a hold of court transcripts recounting with incredible details the incidents that lead to Lambesis' arrest.

The official charge for Lambesis is “soliciting another to commit and join in the commission of the murder.”

It started when a fellow gym member, Brett, who described himself as a trainer (and was described by attorneys as a steroid/drug dealer, although he denies this claim) was approached by Lambesis at Pure Fitness Gym in Carlsbad, CA. Brett developed a friendship with Lambesis and a month after meeting the As I Lay Dying frontman, Lambesis would complain about marital problems and specifically said he would “be doing better if his wife was taken care of.”

Brett claims that Tim eventually contacted him about setting  up Lambesis with a hitman. He said Lambesis arranged a meeting with him at the parking lot of their gym. Lambesis arrived with his live-in girlfriend, Amanda, who went inside. Here's a quote from Brett that seems like it's out of a TV show:

“[Lambesis] began by asking me if I knew why I was there. I made the comment that I was hoping it wasn’t to kill anybody.”

“He said that that was funny and that was exactly why I was there.”

Brett was not a hitman, but Lambesis asked him to ask his friends, saying Brett knew people. After the meeting, Brett was worried that Lambesis would go through with this with or without him. Brett contacted an attorney who let him know if Tim's wife, Meggan was killed, Brett could be charged as an accessory to murder.

Brett once again contacted Lambesis and the two met at an Oceanside, CA Barnes & Noble. Lambesis once again brought his girlfriend Amanda, but she was told "that the men were going to talk about music and motorcycles" so she waited in the car. Another choice quote:

“We went in the back and had a conversation and started talking about the situation at hand and about him.” Brett claimed that he offered alternatives on handling the situation, “go to counselor, talk to somebody, get help.” But Lambesis would not be dissuaded, according to Brett. Lambesis complained about Meggan. “His wife was keeping him out on tour because of the money, to generate money. And he had three bands and he wanted to stay home and produce instead of traveling.” Tim complained he wasn’t allowed to take the children on tour with him.

Brett claims that once he understood that Lambesis wouldn't change his mind about killing his wife, Brett said he did know somebody and made up the name "Red." Lambesis gave Brett permission to give Red his phone number.

A San Diego County Sheriff’s deputy who was described as a "stocky man has a long, reddish beard and the scruffy appearance you would expect of an undercover officer" played the part and met with Lambesis at that same Barnes and Noble on May 7, 2013. Lambesis was told to bring photos and the address of the individual as well as a $1,000 deposit.

Lambesis and Red met in the music section of the Barnes and Noble. Lambesis told Red he "wanted his wife gone" and gave Red three dates when he would be with his kids so as not to seem like a suspect. The whole time Red tried to get Tim to use the word "kill" or "dead" but Lambesis resisted. Lambesis instead said he wanted her gone. And then…

Then Lambesis started to walk away. “So, as he was leaving, we got about fifteen or twenty feet away from each other and he turned back to me and he goes, ‘Just to clarify, just so you know, I do want her dead.’”

At that point, Red followed Lambesis to his car and handed him a manilla envelope with all the info he requested and cash. Lambesis was promptly arrested.

In addition to the steroid defense, Lambesis' lawyers will try to prove that there was some "overreaching" from the police department in setting up their sting. also suggests that a plea bargain may be reached.

Needless to say this is some shocking new details of the case, and it really does not look good for Lambesis, so a plea bargain might be his only option.

Update: Lambesis' readiness conference  been delayed yet again. No official reason was given but defense attorneys stated they needed an additional conference with Lambesis. The rescheduled date is next Tuesday, February 25th.

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