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Tim Lambesis Trial

Could a Plea Bargain Be In The Works For TIM LAMBESIS?

Is a plea bargain the reason for the trial being delayed?

Is a plea bargain the reason for the trial being delayed?

Yesterday, we reported that As I Lay Dying frontman Tim Lambesis appeared in court for what was scheduled to be a readiness hearing, but that never happened and the trial was once again pushed back to next month.

Lambesis, of course, is being accused of  attempting to hire a hitman to kill his wife and Lambgoat had a reporter at the courthouse who got a word with the prosecuting attorney,  Claudia Grasso, after the court session wrapped, and all signs point to a plea deal:

Prosecutor Claudia Grasso subsequently revealed to Lambgoat's contact that criminal proceedings have been delayed "for further negotiations." Grasso confirmed that the next date as February 6. From all angles, it almost certainly appears that Tim Lambesis is attempting to work out a plea deal with the prosecution.

Should a plea bargain be reached, this would mean Lambesis, who previously plead not guilty, would change his plea to guilty, most likely to be charged with a lesser crime than his current charge, one count of solicitation of murder.

The clock is ticking for Lambesis, who had to pay $160,000 to as a premium to a bail bondsman to cover his $2 million dollar bail, in May. Should the date in May when the payment was made come up again, and the trial is not resolved, Lambesis would then have to pay another $160,000 to cover another year of bail, and with no income coming in, the purses are tightening.

Needless to say, things are about to get really interesting. Lambesis' readiness hearing is now scheduled for February 6th. We'll keep you posted with further developments.

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