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Tech-Death Tuesday: Feed Your Ears An Early INVERTED SERENITY Stream Of As Spectres Wither

Hey there tech fiends, it's that time of the week again. Once again, I've got another sick exclusive for your ears today, and that'll hold true for each remaining Tuesday in October as well so be sure to check back. Before we dive into today's focus, here's the usual weekly reminder that if you're looking for even more sick bands, all prior editions of this series can be perused here.

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Today's focus is on Inverted Serenity from Winnipeg in Canada and their new album As Spectres Wither which comes out this Friday, October 6th. Of course, we all know the majority of the best technical death metal comes from Canada, and Inverted Serenity is no exception to that rule. As Spectres Wither is the groups third full-length, and it certainly shows a lot of growth for them in both their sound and their songwriting abilities. Their prior album, 2015's Integral, was impressive enough to keep me interested in where they might go next, but it had its uneven points along with not feeling as memorable as As Spectres Wither does. It's rare for bands in the scene to vastly improve with each release, as it seems to be a strange norm that the quality or innovation dips over time as bands become entrenched in their established sound and don't shift it too much moving forwards. So I'm really glad to see Inverted Serenity buck that trend and morph their way to greatness with As Spectres Wither. Comparisons to a mix of bands like Beyond Creation, Decrepit Birth, Soreption, Decapitated, and Death are certainly accurate and once you hear this you'll understand the sublime brilliance Inverted Serenity has in re-combining those influences in a myriad of different mixtures and ways.

The band's strongest asset is without a doubt their eclectic nature and willingness to craft material that sounds quite different from song to song. With each of the songs here on As Spectres Wither largely focusing in on various aspects of their sound, from their groove side to their more prog-death side, to their old school influenced side, and so on. I much prefer hearing an album like this that was clearly crafted with care and thought over hearing an album where all the material sounds near the same and works in the same way, which is all too common in many tech-death albums. Even among ones I love.

Hearing the group reach a new level of quality and depth on As Spectres Wither has me very excited. As Spectres Wither is a fun album that I think a lot of you all will enjoy and will appreciate the unique approach the band has to crafting music within this style that isn't just the typical primarily speed focused experience, nor is it a clone or one-note carbon copy of any single band's take on the genre. So jam our early full album stream below, and if you dig what you're hearing, As Spectres Wither can be ordered through the Inverted Serenity Bandcamp page. Be sure to follow Inverted Serenity over on their Facebook page as well.

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