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SYSTEM OF A DOWN Drummer Isn't Sure He Wants To Make A New Album Anymore

"I just couldn't get it done. I failed."


System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan has been expressing some frustration over the band and its inability to make a new record lately.

When asked by Billboard why they never recorded a new album after 2005's Hypnotize and Mesmerize, Dolmayan responded "Maybe because we’re stupid? Because our egos get in the way? Maybe because there’s too much drama from the past that people can’t get past." Dolmayan also said prior to that interview that System of a Down never reached their potential and they never will.

Dolmayan has long been an advocate for a new System of a Down album, though in a new interview with Let There Be Talk, he said he's given up on doing one. Dolmayan cites ongoing internal drama within the band and the fact that a new record fell apart after songs were written.

"I find it very unlikely. I'm not even sure I wanna do it anymore. It's just so much drama and bullshit. In a lot of ways, I'm just over it. 'Cause I fought really hard to get us to make an album over the course of the last 15 years. More than anybody else, I was calling people, 'Let's get together. Put the egos aside. Let's have meetings. Whatever it takes. Let's get in the studio. Let's just get in the studio and see what happens.' I just couldn't get it done. I failed."

"Relationships break up all the time. And that's with one person. Try having it with four."

Vocalist Serj Tankian has said the band's members "haven’t been able to see eye to eye", guitarist Daron Malakian said Tankian didn't even want to do the 2005 albums Mezmerize and Hypnotize. Beyond creative differences, it seems there is a business dispute on how to split songwriting royalties.

Daron Malakian's Scars On Broadway ended up using some material that was meant for the System Of A Down record that's basically never going to happen. Serj Tankian explained that the main hold up was a disagreement on how royalties were to be distributed amongst the band, as well as who has creative input. Now, Tankian has told fans he's ready to release the music they wrote a few years back, and that fans just need to convince the other members.

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