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SLASH Doesn't Own Or Listen To His Bands' Music

"I don't think I've ever owned the Appetite For Destruction record."

Slash & Myles Kennedy- Hellfest 2019
Photo: Chris Bubinas

Slash has played (and still plays) in numerous bands over the years including Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver, Slash's Snakepit, and Slash Feat. Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators. In an interview with Goldmine, Slash said he doesn't own or listen to any of the bands he's played in, adding that he doesn't even own a copy of Guns N' Roses' classic 1987 debut Appetite For Destruction.

His reasoning for not listening to his own music is that he already spent tons of time recording it and he's gonna have to play it live, so listening to it in his spare time basically feels like overkill. Which makes us wonder a conversation between Corey Taylor and Slash would be like, given Taylor's staunch opinion on artists listening to their own music.

"Well, you have to understand — I mean, it's like this for all the records I do — I don't collect any of it. If you were to come to my house, you'd be hard pressed to know I was in a band. Or at least any band you had heard of. I mean there's instruments around, but I don't have any, like, souvenirs or anything special from the releases over the years. I don't think I've ever owned the Appetite For Destruction record. And even if I did, I didn't live anywhere, so I wouldn't have any place to put it. Granted, I did have a lot of records I've kept. But I just never was one to sort of really collect records of the bands that I'm actually in. Does that make sense?"

"I mean, you make a record, you go through this whole process of creating the music and working on it with the guys and developing it. Then you go into the studio and you record it, then go in and mix it. And then the final process is mastering. And once that's done and it's off to be released, you've moved on. You know what I mean? It's like you've gone through everything you need to on that material, and the only thing you have to look forward to at that point is going out and performing it. And, so, I don't really get in my car and listen to it eight million times when you're mixing and mastering. [Laughs] Yeah, you play it every night, so the material's always there. And it's exciting if you hear it on the radio or something. But I don't listen to it otherwise."

Guns N' Roses released two Chinese Democracy-era songs named "Hard Skool" and "Absurd" over the course of the past year, and according to Slash the band is working on two more. Slash said in a recent interview with Rolling Stone that there are some more songs coming "soon," but the band has no real concrete plans for a full-length album.

"I know we've got some songs and we're releasing another one at some point soon, and there'll be another one after that. As far as the record is concerned, that remains to be seen as far as a whole package, but I feel pretty confident that at some point down the road, there will be."

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