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Ex-FEAR FACTORY Member Claims FEAR FACTORY Has Broken Up

Specifically Christian Olde Wolbers.

Specifically Christian Olde Wolbers.

UPDATE: Christian Olde Wolbers has since taken down his Instagram post regarding the possible breakup. The original story is as follows.

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Back in November, Fear Factory said it would like to have a new album out sometime in the summer of 2017. There's been no real talk of that album since, and the only real headlines regarding Fear Factory lately have been their inclusion in the lineup of the Blackest Of The Black Festival, which they quickly dropped off of.

Now in an Instagram post from ex-guitarist & bassist Christian Olde Wolbers, he states the band has broken up, though it does seem kind of odd that someone who hasn't been in the band since 2009 would be posting about said breakup.

The following is a screenshot of the since-deleted post.

Vocalist Burton C. Bell hasn't said anything yet, and there's nothing about a breakup on Fear Factory's Facebook page, but guitarist Dino Cazares seems a little confused about the situation as well.

The rumors of the potential breakup were also fueled by a potential Dino Cazares solo album, but that doesn't seem like it's happening either.

So who knows right now. I'd take this one with a grain of salt, because again, the rumors are fueled by someone who isn't in the band, and whose hashtags clearly take issue with the band as it is right now, specifically "#GrownAssMenWhoCantWorkShitOut."

Stay tuned.

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