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Axl Rose Spotted Leaving Same Rehersal Studio As AC/DC, All But Confirming He's Joined The Band

Axl Rose and AC/DC in the same place at the same time? Oh shit, the rumors might be true!

Axl Rose and AC/DC in the same place at the same time? Oh shit, the rumors might be true!

You the rumor mill is good when TMZ gets in on the action. After it was revealed vocalist Brian Johnson could no longer tour with AC/DC or face "total hearing loss," the band promised rescheduled dates with a guest vocalist. Last week, the rumors started swirling that the vocalist in question is Guns N Roses' frontman Axl Rose. Over the weekend, the rumors were confirmed by Malcolm Young's son, saying it was a done deal, and now we have further evidence that he was telling the truth.

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TMZ was out stalking in Atlanta and managed to snap this photo of Axl Rose stepping out of an Atlanta rehearsal studio:

And, wouldn't you know, a few minutes later, AC/DC walked out of the same rehearsal space:


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TMZ also posted this little bit of news, which is the first time I'm hearing this:

The Guns N' Roses frontman announced last week he was going to fill in as lead singer for AC/DC, which is opening for GNR on its upcoming tour. Axl was at a rehearsal studio in Atlanta with Angus Young and co. on Friday … no doubt, running through the classics.

Since when is AC/DC going to open for anybody? I never heard this and I can't imagine Axl is going to spend that much time singing a night. Upon further investigation, the only place this news bit appeared was on metal satire site, Heavier Metal – which posts 100% fabricated stories in the vein of The Onion. This portion of the story is 100% untrue. However, Axl and AC/DC leaving the same spot means one thing – Axl is definitely filling in for the band.

This will be a very interesting summer.

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