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Malcolm Young's Son Reportedly Confirms Axl Rose To Sing For AC/DC

Posted by on March 26, 2016 at 11:31 am

The biggest topic this week was the rumors spreading around that Axl Rose would be the fill-in vocalist for AC/DC. Brian Johnson, the group's longtime frontman, is unable to continue touring after doctors ordered him to stop or suffer permanent hearing loss.

AC/DC had to delay the 10 shows they had left on their tour, and promised to make those shows at a later date, with a guest vocalist. Rumors surfaced this week that vocalist would be Axl Rose, and it seems like earlier today, the son of retired AC/DC guitar player Malcolm Young, Ross, may have confirmed the news.

Alternative Nation is reporting that Ross Malcolm Young shared a previous report of Axl joining AC/DC. Somebody else commented Ross was "opening a can of worms" by sharing the post, Ross responded by saying "It's true." Another person was critical of the band's decision to bring Axl into the band and that it'd hurt the band's legacy and Ross responded the decision had already been made and that “He can and he will,” presumably referring to Axl. Alternative Nation were able to provide this screenshot of his original share, but not any of the comments:

Ross post

Axl is going to have a busy few months this does go down. His own group, Guns N Roses just announced a full summer US tour.


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