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ROB TRUJILLO Would Like SLAYER To Cover METALLICA's "72 Seasons"

"No one would expect that. But I would love it."

Hetfield Araya

Not only would Metallica bassist Rob Trujillo like for Slayer to get back together, he'd love it if they'd cover Metallica's "72 Seasons".

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In an interview with Alfa 91.3 FM, Trujillo said he'd be into either Slayer or Cheech & Chong taking on one of Metallica's newer tracks. Which feels like a weird choice given Metallica's general melodic leanings and Slayer's wilder approach to melody. Feels like maybe Anthrax would've been a better choice from the Big Four, right? As for the Cheech & Chong pick, sure – why not?

"Wow. That's a good question, 'cause it could be really funny and I could tell you that I would choose… Are you familiar with Cheech & Chong? Cheech & Chong were a comedy team. And I've been saying this in the press. They had an incredible song called 'Earache My Eye' in the '70s… And they had a horn section and everything. 'If Darkness Had A Son' is a song that I've been saying I can hear Cheech & Chong [singing], 'Temptation'.

"And Cheech & Chong, they had one guy… They were, like, what we call stoners. So they were always very high, like, 'Yeah, man. Cool, dude.' And one of them was what we say Chicano; he was Mexican-American. That would have been Cheech Marin. Cheech Marin is his name. So I always imagine him going, [singing] 'Temptation', like that."

"But aside from that… That would be the humorous side. I would say… Let's see… What would be a really powerful song? I mean, I would love to hear [the] 72 Seasons [title track]… This is gonna sound crazy. What if '72 Seasons' was covered by Slayer? That would be pretty cool. [Laughs] No one would expect that. But I would love it. 'Cause I always feel like… Some people say there's a competition [between Metallica and Slayer]… And maybe it's because I came into the band later. I view it as more as two signature sort of icon powerhouses that had this energy back in the early '80s really strong. But what if, what if the classic Slayer covered a song like '72 Seasons'? That would be pretty cool."

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