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PUDDLE OF MUDD Frontman Wes Scantlin Says He's 11 Months Sober Now

Well, that's refreshing!

Well, that's refreshing!

Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin has had a rocky few years. The Puddle of Mudd frontman made headlines when his band walked out on him last April, and before that when neighbors called the bomb squad on him. He was also wanted for no-showing a court appearance. after being arrested on April 30 in Hermosa Beach, CA for an outstanding warrant. This happened just one month after his band walked out on him for erratic behavior and two months after cops showed up in SWAT gear to arrest him. He recently got arrested for trying to board a plane with a BB gun. But it seems he's trying to put all that behind him.

A few months back, Saliva, a band Wes is touring with this fall noted that Scantlin was over six months sober now. Wes himself confirmed he's doing much better in a recent interview with Rock Titan:

“The last year has been… Getting out of incarceration and then going to CRI-Help in Burbank, California, in North Hollywood, that was awesome — it was really great. I’m 11 months sober now almost to the day, and I feel great. And we’re just playing shows [and] rocking.

As for why Wes missed his court dates – he was too busy rocking for the troops:

“There was really nowhere else to go…The tickets you get in this life…The way this life is for me, I’m always on tour, and you can’t always make “court dates” and “appointments”…I don’t want to use it as an excuse, but it’s really hard to make a court date when you’re in Iraq playing for the soldiers on Christmas…So they pile up and pile up, and then you get caught, and when you’re kind of famous, you get extra attention…”

Hmm, it does seem like you could still send a lawyer for you even if you're playing for those troops in Iraq, no?

Either way, it's truly refreshing to hear that Scantlin has gotten his shit together. Hopefully his shit maintains together on the band's upcoming tour.

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"This is not a 'due to circumstances beyond our control' cancellation. This is 100% Wes."