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PUDDLE OF MUDD's Wes Scantlin In Jail After Trying To Bring A Gun Onto A Plane

Wes. Wes. Wes. Wes. What are you doing?

Wes. Wes. Wes. Wes. What are you doing?

It's been a few months since we heard from Puddle of Mudd's Wes Scantlin, and once again he's in the news for not music. He's made headlines when his band walked out on him in April, and before that when neighbors called the bomb squad on him. Last year, he was also wanted for no-showing a court appearance. after being arrested on April 30 in Hermosa Beach, CA for an outstanding warrant. This happened just one month after his band walked out on him for erratic behavior and two months after cops showed up in SWAT gear to arrest him.

Today, TMZ reports that Wes tried to board a plane with a gun, a big no-no.

“Wes Scantlin was busted at LAX Saturday after he tried boarding a plane with a BB gun.  He was taken to jail and booked.  His bail was a whopping $850,000.  It appears there were other charges as well.

“Wes was trying to get from L.A. to Keller, Texas, where his band was scheduled to perform.  Without a lead singer, what’s the point, so they pulled the plug.”

But like, were there signs that he couldn't bring a gun? Oh, there were? There were signs all over? And voiceovers? Oh, well then Wes, what the fuck are you doing?

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"This is not a 'due to circumstances beyond our control' cancellation. This is 100% Wes."