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PHIL DEMMEL Explains How He Got The LAMB OF GOD Live Gig Recently

Demmel is a utility man.

Phil Demmel

Guitarist Phil Demmel (Vio-lence, ex-Machine Head) has filled in for the likes of Slayer, Overkill, and most recently Lamb Of God during their ShipRocked appearance. Demmel said in an interview with Blabbermouth that he's been waiting in the wings for Lamb Of God during recent tours just in case either Mark Morton or Willie Adler got sick, and that his appearance on ShipRocked was "a big deal."

"I was pretty confident with the Overkill songs," he said. "We had three good rehearsals. I didn't rehearse with Slayer at all. I played two songs at a soundcheck. [Laughs] 'Okay, we're good!' It's like, 'Fuck!' Overkill, we had a couple of days of rehearsal. I had two and a half, three weeks to prepare for that. I felt pretty strong with that.

"The Lamb Of God gig, that was a big deal. They had approached me before their Megadeth states tour last summer and wanted me to learn both parts, Mark and Willie's, just in case one got sick, they didn't want to cancel their tour. That's where I am: I'm their bullpen guy when one of them can't make the shows, I'm ready to go. It's such a high-profile band. I didn't want to go out there and blow it. I wanted the band to sound good. I wanted to keep that pride in what they are and not have a drop-off. Willie and I play differently. There's different vibrato in our left-hand and pinkies. I didn't want there to be a drop-off. I wanted people to be not-bummed that he wasn't there. And that's not a slag on Willie. If I went to see one of my favorite bands, let's say Queensrÿche. I want to see [Chris] DeGarmo, I want to see Michael Wilton. No slight against the other dudes, but they better fucking bring it if they're not going to be out there."

Check out footage of Demmel kicking ass with the band below.

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