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PARKWAY DRIVE's WINSTON MCCALL On Stranger Things: "It Validates The Fact That So Many People Actually Connect With Metal"

"Thank you for doing this, Netflix, for every metalhead out there."


The inclusion of "Master Of Puppets" in Stranger Things introduced a whole new generation of music fan to Metallica, and potentially to the world of metal. In an interview with NME, Parkway Drive vocalist Winston McCall praised the inclusion of the song saying it's probably one of the biggest gateways to heavy music right now. McCall also pointed out that so many people got really into the song and the scene it's used really validates just how universal metal is.

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"It takes gateway moments like that to validate how big this shit actually is. Metallica is one of the biggest bands in existence, but Stranger Things is a gateway for everyone that didn't get onboard with them when they were making it huge to now get into that – and it's the biggest gateway there is right now."

"It validates the fact that so many people actually connect with metal, and that it's a real art form that has so much value. It takes these moments to break those perceptions – the stigmas and psyches – that people have towards metal, and allows people back in just for the enjoyment of it, to reconnect with it."

"And the amazing thing for us is that, right now, I don't see how [Parkway Drive] can become any bigger without it being straight-up mainstream. But then right before this album comes out, Metallica and Stranger Things had this moment, and I was literally watching it going, 'Fucking yes!' Like, 'Thank you for doing this, Netflix, for every metalhead out there.' I'm very aware of what that moment means for every single metal band on the planet."

On the topic of the whole gatekeeping issue, Revocation's Dave Davidson put it best in a recent interview – "I couldn't even believe there was a controversy over [Metallica being in] Stranger Things… I'm like, 'really? At this stage? Who cares.' They're a household name to begin with, right?"

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