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OZZY Says He "Wouldn't Mind Doing Another BLACK SABBATH Album"

So enthusiastic.

So enthusiastic.

Black Sabbath had an interesting, if not slightly tumultuous comeback, in 2013. While the band's 13 album did really well and was generally well received, drummer Bill Ward wasn't on it and that pissed a pretty solid number of fans off. As much as it seems like in the past vocalist for the group Ozzy Osbourne didn't really care, he seems to have a bit of a change of heart when he speaks to the Toronto Sun.

"When we did the album 13, if that was going to be the last album I ever did with Black Sabbath, it was okay, because before, in 1978 with Never Say Die!, wasn't a good time for me with Black Sabbath. So if we never do another thing together again, we ended on a better note. The only sad thing was that [65-year-old original Black Sabbath drummer] Bill Ward never played on it."

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Interesting! The band has been touring with Ozzy's drummer Tommy Clufetos behind the kit since then and recruited ex-Rage Against the Machine drummer Brad Wilk for the record, so I'd imagine at the very least having Ward back in the group would make life a little bit easier for them. So is there going to be another record?

"Everybody asks me if there's going to be a follow-up to 13. And all I can say is, 'I never say never anymore.' I don't want to say, 'Yeah, we're never going to do another album,' because if everybody agrees and we don't take 500 years again to make another album, I'm up for it. I wouldn't mind doing another Sabbath album."

So maybe, to put it as best I can.

Would you want another Sabbath record?

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