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METALLICA's James Hetfield: "We're Not One Of Those Bands Who Care What People Want."

When James Hetfield isn't busy crushing it on stage or posting sweet selfies to his Instagram account, the man is writing some new material.

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Earlier this week, while the band was in Australia, Jaymz was talking about how the progress of the new album is going, and the band keeps getting pulled away to do gigs:

"Yeah, we're trying to write [new material], but gigs keep popping up that are too exciting to stay home for. We have lots of material [we've been] working on from the day Death Magnetic ended all the way up until now.

There's tons of material. Some [riffs] stick with me because the theme keeps coming back. Out of 700 riffs, there's at least three I've played 20 times."

The interviewer then asked his opinion on fans who want Metallica to sound like the old shit, which is really something the band will never do. For his part, James had a pretty honest answer:

"Let's not do that, shall we?! It's a catch-22, because I completely understand what people want. It's like they're asking you to recreate a memory in their past and you cannot do that. It's a moment of time.

"We're one of those bands that doesn't really care what people want.

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"We have been artists since day one. We're not going to roll over for anyone and, you know, we're Metallica for a reason and we're going to keep doing that."

That quote was too grand not to put in the headline. Regardless, Metallica have a busy few months ahead of them. The band will be performing at the Revolver Golden Gods this May and then doing a second round of the Orion Festival in June all leading up to the release of their 20 million dollar 3D movie this summer.

[via Blabbermouth]

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And he's gonna keep using it, despite the criticisms.